I’ll swim the ocean if it means
you’ll be waiting at the shore.
Even after losing count of the miles,
I could only ever be yours. 

So this happened at Subway the other day

Me wearing my Pizza John shirt at subway:

Sandwich Artist: Who's that guy?

Me: Um... John Green.

Sandwich Artist: I've heard that name before. Is he like running for president?

Me: No.. He wrote some books. You've probably heard of The Fault In Our Stars.

Sandwich Artist: oh yeah. That thing . Well he should run for president. I'd vote for him, since I take it from your shirt he's a pizza fan. I'm pro pizza.

Bertie: I am not a King, I am not a King. I am sorry, I am sorry.

Elizabeth: No, don’t be silly, please. Oh, my dear. My dear, dear man. You know, I refused your first two marriage proposals not because I didn’t love you, but because I couldn’t bear the idea of a royal life, couldn’t bear the idea of a life of tours, of public duty, of - well, a life that was no longer to really be my own. But then I thought, “He stammers so beautifully, they’ll leave us alone.”

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